Hi you lil qtpies.

If you're here, I am hoping it is a) you're a supporter of my content and have decided to spread the love by now supporting my merch & designs or b) you're new and ready to accept some new and cute pieces into your clothing collection.

My name is Jazmine Garcia. I am a 24 year old social media influencer & full-time dog mami. I reside in the beautiful sunshinin' Los Angeles, CA with my best friend, Riley along with my two pupperonis -- Prince & Duke. They're adorable. I've been making content on YouTube for over... wow,  3 years now!? Time flies when you're having a good time. Errrr.. cringe However, I really love what I do. Truly. I am able to share all aspects of my life and be unapologetically myself. 


If you're here and reading this, know that I am so insanely grateful for you being here, taking the time to read this, and hopefully loving, supporting, & purchasing some items from this merch collection!

Happy shopping & stay cute.

xoxox besitos xoxox,

Jazmine Garcia


PS. look how perfect my floofy boys are.